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GPS: 55 41.847 N 21 07.250 E

We have been wishing you a GOOD TRIP since 1936!  DE_REZERVACIJA

In the port of the Smiltynė Yacht Club, yachts and boats of various sizes can moor and stay moored all year round. The two completely renovated pools have 65 boat moorings for boats from 3 to 15 meters. The basins are 2.5 to 3.5 meters deep. The port has a large inlet depth of 3.8 meters. There are no restrictions on the mast height of the yachts. We offer all the necessary services - there are water and electricity columns for the boats, as well as fuel and oil pumps, a slipway and systems for lifting boats out of the water or lowering them into the water. The port area is guarded around the clock, and the experienced port staff will help with any questions. There are toilets, showers, Washing machines and dryers as well as a spacious parking lot. The site and its entrances are video-monitored around the clock. We organize pleasure cruises and fishing trips with yachts and boats.

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