E-mail: info@smiltynesjachtklubas.lt
GPS: 55 41.847 N 21 07.250 E

Smiltyne Yacht Club is a place where time passes more slowly, the colours are brighter, and the air is fresher. It seems as if sunbeams break in another way – into a blue surface of water, green needles of pines, white sails, wide gates and windows of boathouses – thus creating a special, festive and cosy aura. This is a place, where people look at each other’s eyes, hear and understand each other, therefore the solutions come surprisingly easy, meanwhile the waves and wind give new ideas. 2 halls for meetings and events:


  • 125 sq.m
  • Arrangement of seats:
    • Theatre  84 seats
    • U-form  40 seats
    • O-form (for meetings)  24 seats

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High and spacious area of the boathouse “Kilis” (250 sq.m.) – an impressive place for artistic expositions, acoustic concerts, visual art performances, fashion events, creativity workshops, non-traditional seminars, and team-building events.

  • Ceiling – up to 7 m height
  • Panoramic windows to the lagoon (Eastern side)
  • Entrances to the hall and terraces on both sides
  • ~200 participants

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